Old Calculators?

In case you’re wondering, where do you find the old Sole Calculator, Shared Calculator, and Split Calculator? For a brief period after the 5/27/2019 website update, you can get them from 2 places:

Best way:

All input goes into the Unified Form. If the parenting arrangement you describe on the Unified Form fits one of the old DC Forms, the Unified Form will give you a button at the bottom of the form that will print the old DC Form using your input from the Unified Form. No extra input required even if the parenting arrangement changes! You can click HERE for some of the many features of Unified form.

Not so good way:

There are major problems with the traditional method of entering the needed information for either the Sole Custody, Shared Custody, and Split Custody calculations:

  1. If you want to change from one parenting arrangement to another (such as from a Sole Custody calculation to a Shared Custody calculation), you have to use a different form and reenter all your information again.
  2. The primary entry forms for the three types of arrangements are very different from each other. They have different terminology and a different order for entering the information.
  3. There hasn’t been uniformity in the reporting of the results.
  4. When the Virginia General Assembly changed the Child Support statute to include combinations of parenting arrangements, the existing 3 forms would have to be replaced with at least 3 more forms.

We strongly encourage you to use the Unified Form to get to the DC Form for output (See “Best way” above). It addresses all these issues. You can click HERE for some of the many features of Unified form.

But if you insist, you can use these links to get to the old DC Forms for input. However, these input forms will be disappearing soon. Click HERE to read an important notice explaining why we really discourage you from using the old forms for input. Ok, you still want to use the old forms for entry:

  • Sole Support Calculator
    One parent is with the child(ren) for less than 91 days.
  • Shared Support Calculator
    Each parent is with the child(ren) for 91 or more days.
  • Split Support Calculator
    One child (or more) with one parent most of the time and another child (or more) with other parent most of the time.
  • If you have ANY doubt about which calculator to look at, please consult your attorney!

    If you want to review the actual child support guideline statute, take a look at: Virginia Section 20-108.2.

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    Why use the Unified Form even if you're doing a traditional (i.e. Sole, Split, or Shared) calculation?

    Here are some unique features of this form.

    Email results of calculation to yourself (or anyone else)!

    Learn only one input form to produce ALL forms!

    Print traditional DC-637, 638, & 640 forms if situation applies.

    Change parent names to personalize form. "Help" becomes personalized! (You can do this on the other forms but it seems the feature wasn't highlighted enough.)

    Simplify input screen:

    • ▻Only lines needed for your situation appear. Others are hidden until needed.
    • ▻Remove instructions on each line if you want.
    • ▻Details for guideline calculation are available but are on a separate schedule. Much less clutter!

    Flag exceptions that have always been part of the law, but may have been ignored:

    • ▻Health insurance expenses in excess of 5% of gross income.
    • ▻Gross incomes at or below 150% of the poverty level.
    • ▻Situations where sole calculation might produce a lower obligation than the shared calculation.
    • ▻Exceptions are flagged on main form but detail shows on later page to reduce clutter.

    Print schedule and/or exceptions ... or not!

    DC Form Input Ending

    We just completed a major upgrade to the Unified form.

    We’ve made it extra easy to use the data in the Unified Form to print the DC Forms.

    Shortly, we will be eliminating the DC 637, 638, and 640 input forms! The input screens for the DC-637, 638 and 640 will be eliminated. If you must print out the old DC forms, you'll still be able to do that from the Unified form.

    In the meantime, if you use the old DC forms for input, the results may be off by a dollar or so from the Unified form. EXCEPT there is one situation where it could be way more than a single dollar caused by rounding differences: The Unified Form and the DC 637, 638, and 640 forms it produces calculate credits related to SSDI disability payments after all other calculations and adjustments. We believe that this is the correct calculation under the statute. The old DC input forms calculate the SSDI adjustments and credits before the other adjustments. In this situation, you could end up with a different result when comparing the new print-only DC forms with the DC input forms.