DC Form Input Ending

We just completed a major upgrade to the Unified form.

We’ve made it extra easy to use the data in the Unified Form to print the DC Forms.

Shortly, we will be eliminating the DC 637, 638, and 640 input forms! The input screens for the DC-637, 638 and 640 will be eliminated. If you must print out the old DC forms, you'll still be able to do that from the Unified form.

In the meantime, if you use the old DC forms for input, the results may be off by a dollar or so from the Unified form. EXCEPT there is one situation where it could be way more than a single dollar caused by rounding differences: The Unified Form and the DC 637, 638, and 640 forms it produces calculate credits related to SSDI disability payments after all other calculations and adjustments. We believe that this is the correct calculation under the statute. The old DC input forms calculate the SSDI adjustments and credits before the other adjustments. In this situation, you could end up with a different result when comparing the new print-only DC forms with the DC input forms.

DC-638 Input Form Change History

Support for using this DC Form for Entry will be ending. Please use the Unified Form instead!

1) Increased field space for Case Number.(09/06/17)
2) Press the “Non-Monthly Amounts” button to enter amounts for any field using monthly, annual, quarterly, weekly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, and semi-annual amounts. Print the resulting calculations in the “standard” (i.e., monthly) format or with all the details.(04/26/15)