About VaSupportCalc

Welcome to VaSupportCalc

This project was started to make standard child and spousal support calculators available to everyone at no cost.

VaSupportCalc will stay around as long as it can be a breakeven project. That means it is totally dependent on support from you and from clicking on ads on the pages that interest you. See something you like in an ad? Go ahead and click on the ad!

First, Child Support

Our cornerstone project was making the Virginia Child Support Guideline calculators available. First, we did online calculators available with any browser. The calculators were enhanced to allow “Non-monthly” input so you can enter information into the various fields using monthly amounts or any periodic amounts you can think of such as annual, quarterly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, etc.

Then we added an Android app and an Apple app so you can do the calculations offline. Look for them in the Android store and in the Apple App Store! If you buy the app from Google or Apple and have ANY issues at all, please email us right away and we’ll address your concerns as quickly as we can. Email to info@VASupportCalc.com or click on our direct contact page.


Next, Spousal Support

Next, we developed an online pendente lite spousal support calculator. And then phone/tablet applications for pendente lite support calculations available through the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.


Support Arrearage Calculator

At the end of 2019, we completed an online Support Arrearage Calculator.

We Need Your Help

This entire VaSupportCalc project is free for everyone. The project continues to be supported entirely by lots of volunteer time and donations from users. Right now, we’re having a particularly tough time getting the bills for this service paid! Please help any way you can! Thank you.

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