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1. 2022 Legislative Updates! The calculators did not require changing as a result of the 2022 General Assembly. Some of the help messages were updated. The site has been updated effective July 1, 2022.

2. New Arrearage Calculator Beta! After hundreds of hours of development and testing, the VaSupportCalc project now includes an Arrearage Calculator to determine the amount of outstanding child and/or spousal support based on up to 4 court orders. Note that in 2022, there was a change as to when interest can/cannot be charged on arrearages. It doesn’t change the calculator, but it WILL change how you fill in some of the fields!

Virginia Child Support Guideline Calculators

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  • Apple iPhone & iPad application.
  • Android phone and tablet application.

Virginia Pendente Lite Spousal Support Calculators

Support Arrearage Calculator Beta

Relevant Statutes and Other Resources

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